Writing + Reflections

From the outset, documentation and evaluation were key considerations for the Hatchery Project partners.  It was our hope that documentation of the project could be a real-time, creative effort in its own right.  To that end, the partners engaged poet, cultural critic Claudia La Rocco, to join the project as an observer, critical thinker and documenter.  As a result, the project invested deeply in the written word as a form of reflection on and documentation of the overall project as well as on the ideas and work that project artists were contemplating and making.  

In addition to Claudia’s participation, we invited four “artist-responders” — Kenneth Collins, Ain Gordon, Jennifer Krasinski and Victoria Marks — to attend the Hatchery’s convening The Art of Supporting Dance-Making and reflect on the Project from their different points of view. And the Hatchery Project supported a variety of writers and thinkers -- Susan Manning, Tere O’Connor and Jennifer Krasinski – to produce thought-pieces and long-form essays on the four Hatchery artists that we hope bring deep insight into the work of these four remarkable and distinctive artists.

Here you will find links to all of that writing, as well as to some final thoughts written by Jennifer Calienes, a founding Partner of the Hatchery Project.